AMKOV OX5 Mini Lens Style WiFi Camera




Once you get the AMK-OX5 by AMKOV, you’ll definitely fall in love like we did. It is essentially as small as a lens, weighs only 99 grams (excluding the battery), and can even be attached to a phone. It is especially ideal for people who don’t have an assistant as it can be controlled remotely via your smart phone (or even android smart watch, though that would be a bit tacky) through WiFi. The advantage of WiFi over Bluetooth is the increased range and speed.


It features a 20 megapixel sensor for clear and sharp images and can compete with many DSLRs on its own. The built in lenses allow upto 5X optical zoom, and can zoom in an additional 4X digitally. The images we took in the night were impressive and much better than the default camera of Samsung Galaxy S6.


This small wonder even has a 900mah replaceable battery that lasts quite a while. It has three shooting modes on its own, single shot / self-timer (2s & 10s) / continuous shooting (3 – 5 photos), though when attached directly with the phone, you can also use the various shooting modes available in different phones. The default viewing angle is 74°, and with an attachment (included in the package), it can also take 120° wide angle photos. The images and videos can directly be transmitted to the phone or they can also be saved in the lens itself, in a MicroSD card (not included with the camera).

small lens camera

When launched, it retailed for over $220, but is now on sale (albeit for a limited time) and can be bought for $114 ($112 if you are using the mobile app) on Aliexpress (includes free shipping). The package includes:

1 Smart camera
1 Camera bag
1 120° wide angle lens
1 Phone clip (can be attached to almost any smart phone, including iPhone 6S)
1 Connector
1 USB cable
1 900mAh Battery
1 Lens bag
1 User manual (Chinese & English)

Highly recommended for geeks obsessed with pictures and videos, or YouTubers to record themselves via a decent remote controlled camera that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars.


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