Review: Apple iPhone SE – The Most Powerful 4-Inch Smartphone

Review: Apple iPhone SE – Should You Buy This 4 Inch Beast?

Although we at LatestGadgets.Tech generally don’t like Apple products (open source computers and androids would be the love <3), some of our fans deeply love them. So we chose to check out the latest phone made by Apple farm: The iPhone SE (as outlined by some, ‘Special Edition’). First impression: Not bad! We may become Apple fans!

The iPhone SE is known as the most powerful 4 inch smartphone at the moment. It comes with exactly the same concept of design, is incredibly very similar to the iPhone 5S, yet it turned out reinvented from within. It uses precisely the same A9 chip that’s also getting used in iPhone 6S. Its 12MP camera captures 4K videos and exceptional photos. Its Live Photos also bring images alive, which ends up to an iPhone that’s seems small, yet lives big.