How to Use Two Whatsapp in one phone (No Root Required)



Do you use dual sim mobile and always wonder if you could use two Whatsapp in one phone, or even two Telegram, or Instagram or any other app, then this is for you.

Since Whatsapp was launched,  it has almost replaced your default messaging app because it’s convenient, you can send text, image, video without having to worry additional carrier charges. But if you are using dual sim android mobile (Most of android phone now days are having dual sim capabilities). You may find it annoying to carry two different phones in order to be able to use two Whatsapp, to manage your business and personal communication or may be your more than one girlfriend or boyfriend 😈 .


Well, as all of us know, android is highly customizable and with little coding skill we can enable dual OS booting in android, it means you can run two operating system in your phone, but it will require moderate coding skills in order to not to brick your phone.

Are you thinking to quit after reading aforesaid, well you need not to.

Here is a simple app which can run virtual dual OS for you without any root and you can easily run two Whatsapp in one phone.

This app is called ‘Parallel Space‘. It can act as a virtual OS for you ,and whatever app inside this app are different from your own main installation, it means you can run two Whatsapp in one phone, can play any game twice, can store your personal data in virtual OS, it also increases your privacy. Here are the steps you need to do to get parallel space on your android to run two Telegrams or Whatsapp in one phone.

Multiple Whatsapp on one phoneDownload it from google play link here

Once installed run it and grant all permission it asks for (t’s required for app to run smoothly)

Open the app and press on + button, it will open list of recommended app and already installed app on your device. Make sure you have Whatsapp installed on you phone.

After you select the Whatsapp, parallel space will begin the installation process and you will be required to verify your number for Whatsapp, just enter your second number which you are not using currently and it will get verified.

You can test if two Whatsapp is running in your phone, by sending message from one number to another.

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