How To Backup Your iPhone - Infographic

Do you regularly backup your iPhone data? Did you ever undergo data loss from your Apple device?  According to, there are a lot of reasons that may cause severe iPhone data loss. Based on their report, the percentages are as follows:

Accidental deletion35%
iPhone was broken, or water damaged20%
iPhone was lost or got stolen15%
Failed jailbreaking attempt or iOS upgrade15%
Restoring to factory settings without backup10%
Virus or malware infection5%


Of all the file types on iPhone, contacts, pictures and videos are the top 3 risky items of getting lost. According to another report, 34% of iPhone users take no precautionary measures to prevent their iPhone from losing precious data.

Among the best ways to save you from data loss on iPhone is to always create regular backups. The following iPhone data backup infographic offers you tips and tricks regarding how to backup data on iPhone, by saving it to iTunes/iCloud, or by transferring it to a PC/Mac via free iPhone transfer software.

[caption id="attachment_2591" align="aligncenter" width="798"]how to backup your iphone Infographic made by IOTransfer - easily transfer iPhone data to a Mac/PC/iPod/iPad for free.[/caption]

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