Updated and Working Free AddMeFast Script For 2017


AddMeFast is a very popular service for increasing your social media presence. You can increase your Facebook likes, post shares or get more Twitter followers or retweets for your tweet. You can get website views, Stumbleupon views, Instagram followers and likes. Pinterest followers and repins are also available. Plus its the only service we found that also gives you VK and Ok.ru followers!

addmefast script

Anyways, enough about AddMeFast.com, I am sure most of you already knew all this. We have created 2 cool iMacro scripts for AddMeFast and we are giving it for free! They are safe to use (enough wait is added and it doesn't look spammy). If you are not aware how to use it to automate your social media accounts growth, we'll explain it just below, but first, let us tell you about the features of both the scripts and you can chose which one you like better (or maybe you can use both!)

  1. Stealth AddMeFast 2017 Script: What this does is, only likes posts and follows people. It does NOT post anything from your accounts so you can use this on your main accounts. What it'll do is this: 1st, It'll like 3 Tweets, then follow 3 people on Twitter, then like 3 Instagram pictures, after that it'll follow 5 people on Instagram, then follow 3 people on Pinterest, subscribe to 5 Youtubers, like 3 FB pages and in the end follow 3 people on Stumbleupon. After that it'll repeat. By deault, it'll rerun the script 99 times, but you can change it in the iMacro settings.

  2. Full AddMeFast 2017 Beast Script: We don't recommend to use this one for your main accounts, otherwise they may look spammy. This will do almost everything on Addmefast. Post, Share, Like, Subscribe, Repin etc etc. You'll get a LOT of points and its faster then the stealth script. Use it on your own risk.

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How To Use These Scripts:

  1. Get a separate browser (its not necessary but its more convenient, because in that browser, all your secondary/fake profiles can be loaded. We recommend Comodo Icedragon or FireFox. NOT chrome, but chrome works too)

  2. GoTo addons or extensions and install iMacro (its free)

  3. Login with your AddMeFast account. If you already have one, then login.

  4. For the Stealth script, make fake profiles and log on to StumbleUpon, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Even if you don’t want/make an account in the above mentioned sites, its ok, but the script will run and you’ll waste your time. For the Beast script, make accounts on every social media present on Addmefast.

  5. Download the scripts from the below given script and paste them in your Documents/iMacro/Macros folder.

  6. Double click or Run the script

  7. Minimize the browser & forget about it 🙂 Enjoy the free points! Oh and after a while, do go to Bonus Points on Addmefast, as after 50 activities, you can get a big bonus 🙂

That's it, see below for the download links and use the coupon 'gadgtecsgift1' to get them for free!

Stealth addmefast scriptGoto Stealth AddMeFast 2017 Script - Add it in your cart and use code 'gadgtecsgift1' to get it for free!

Goto Full AddMeFast 2017 Beast Script - Add it in your cart and use code 'gadgtecsgift1' to get it for free! (in progress)

Scripts have been last checked on 16thAugust, 2017 and everything is working. If you need anything specific, comment below or contact GadgTecs via email.