World’s 1st Blockchain Smartphone Coming Soon

Sirin Labs, the makers of the “luxury” Solarin smartphone, are turning their sights towards the rising blockchain and cryptocurrency trade. They recently announced plans for a series of reasonably priced (comparatively, from their earlier phones) units built on a free blockchain. Sirin Labs, the firm behind that ridiculously priced Android smartphone, now has another phone to share with the world, and in contrast to its $14,000 predecessor, this one is anticipated to be priced at $999 only. Named after scientist Hal Finney, recipient of the world’s first bitcoin transaction, the Finney blockchain smartphone is an open-source, ultra-secure smartphone built on an independent, free blockchain network. It is expected to come with a 256GB internal memory, 8 GB ram, a 16-megapixel camera, a […]

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