How does IoT work? Examples

IoT stands for the Internet of Things (also known as the Internet of Everything). It is a concept of connecting any device to the Internet infrastructure as well as to other connected devices. This connectivity allows the devices to share and analyze data within the IoT network. The IoT technology uses sensors and actuators which allow for remote control of the objects within the IoT network. The Internet of Things solutions are utilized in many fields, such as manufacturing, home building, agriculture, insurance, healthcare, transportation, or energy management. Examples of objects that can be connected to the Internet include vehicles, mobile phones, home appliances, or wearable devices. Experts from share a few examples of IoT solutions:


Thanks to the network of environmental sensors and hyper-local weather data, the WeatherCloud system allows cities to monitor their road and pavement conditions at the ground level. This includes the road temperature or the wind speed. In cold regions struggling with snow, ice, and other difficult weather conditions, the system helps to undertake better decisions and introduce more relevant solutions that save money and time. A good example is the state of Alaska, US, where the implementation of IoT has helped the transportation department to decide where and when to send snow plows or spread chemicals that prevent black ice.

August Smart Lock

august smart lock

The August Smart Lock is an innovative solution for individuals who value convenience and safety. The smart lock allows its users to lock and unlock their door from anywhere and at any time. This is an excellent solution if the user needs to make their house accessible remotely. Additionally, the smart lock user can make sure at all times that the door stays locked. If the door is left open, the user will receive an alert. With the use of a smartphone application, the door locks and unlocks automatically, so there is no need to carry a standard key. Wellness

Wellness is a smart home solution that allows caretakers and senior living communities to provide the best care possible. Wellness system connects security sensors, bed sensors, video, lights, locks, thermostats as well as alert buttons in the senior’s house. Machine-learning algorithms are implemented to study for patterns in behavior and detect any unexpected changes. If the eating or sleeping patterns are detected, or if anything indicates an issue or emergency, the system sends an alert to the care provider. Wellness solution can also help seniors stay safe by adjusting the temperature or locking the door at night.

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These examples show how advanced technology can improve lives of professionals and individual people. With the IoT technology on the rise, we can expect even more powerful solutions in the future.