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Snapchat launches camera sunglasses, and they're very expensive • Latest Gadgets

Snapchat launches camera sunglasses, and they're very expensiv

Snapchat launches camera sunglasses, and they’re very expensive

  Messaging app firm Snapchat has forayed into the world of hardware and introduced its first ever gadget – sun glasses with a built-in camera. Thelatest gadget, which the company is calling ‘Spectacles’, will go on sale later this fall priced at $129.99 (£100), according to The Wall Street Journal. At present, many camera glasses are available on AliExpress and Amazon at much lower prices, but without the brand name. (See the end of this article) Initially, the glasses will only be available in one size, however they will come in three colours – teal, coral and black. An article published by the WSJ on Friday confirmed the news while releasing Snap’s 26-year-old CEO and creator Evan Spiegel’s pictures wearing them, taken by legendary fashion photographer Karl Lagerfeld. Video recording will mimic Snapchat’s app, which means you […]

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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Brief: This Week In Science – 10th to 16th September 2016


Scotland unveiled a turbine for the world’s first large scale tidal energy farm.
Source: The Guardian

Brain-Machine interface enables monkeys to type a passage from Shakespeare.
Source: Factor

ESA’s Gaia spacecraft tool its first sky map of our galaxy, revealing a billion + stars.

Artificial Intelligence
Uber’s self-driving autonomous cars began picking up passengers in Pittsburgh.
Source: Yahoo

Jeff Bezos’ “Blue Origin” unveiled a new design in its series of huge reusable rockets.
Source: Washington Post

NASA asserts that last month was the hottest ever recorded, continuing our 11 month streak.
Source: Science Alert

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Friday, 9 September 2016

Actionable Tips to Protect the Most Sensitive Personal Data on Your Computer


A personal computer serves a dual purpose. On one hand, it allows users to access games, browse the internet, and seek other forms of entertainment. On the other hand, it gives users a place to create, collect, and store all the vital personal information. Usually, people store personal data such as the following:

  1. Tax statements – As tax filing becomes electronic, more computer users are storing tax-related information on their devices.
  2. Banking information – With the rise in e-banking, people are downloading and keeping statements and other banking documents on their personal PCs.
  3. Passport details: Electronic Travel Authority requirements and online visa filing options mean people are uploading their passport details to their PCs, and keeping them there to streamline the application filling process.
  4. Work details, resume, and reference letters: Companies and employers rarely consider manually submitted resumes and reference letters, so an increasing number of candidates continue to store work-related credentials on their computers.
  5. Monthly income report: Budgeting software has lured in people to keep their monthly income reports on their personal computers.

Therefore, when tragedy strikes, you’re stressed about losing your main files. As a result, you should take steps to protect the most sensitive personal information stored on your computer. Below we’ll walk you through the measures you can take for the purpose, as well as explain how they protect your data.

  • Take Data Off The PC

Secure USB and similar options will allow you to take the sensitive data off the PC and store it in a device and location that is difficult for an adversary to breach. For instance, a flash drive with a custom encrypted PIN won’t give away your data if an adversary manages to get his/her hands on your USB. That’s because the device will lock securely with encryption automatically when it’s disconnected and unplugged, and the adversary has to know the PIN code to access its contents. The user, on the other hand, can restore the data from any location as backups are made to the cloud.

  • Invest In Multi-Faceted Anti-Malware Software

Viruses and malware are serious menaces plaguing computer users around the globe. Threats like these are known for presenting themselves in inconspicuous places, while users remain unaware. Most of them are after the sensitive data lying on computers. Advanced techniques deployed by hackers ensure you don’t have to be connected to the internet to be a victim. As a result, you need anti-malware protection to stop processes and changes from taking place without your consent. It will protect your files both online and offline with security rules and pre-done coding, making it difficult or next to impossible for adversaries to sniff your personal data.

  • Develop The Habit of Installing OS Updates

Updating your operating system might be a gigantic pain for you, but it’s an essential act to deploy critical security patches that protect your sensitive information against looming threats. Not installing these updates means putting your PC at risk. Therefore, always install updates in your regular schedule, and check manually if the system OS can be updated because sometimes users miss notifications of available updates rolled out by the OS manufacturer. Lastly, check if there’s an option to turn on automatic updates.

Take these measures today to keep your personal information safe and sound.


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Thursday, 1 September 2016

How To Find Original or Replica Brands on AliExpress – 2016

  We get many queries asking us about the reliability of AliExpress (as many times, along with Amazon, we also give an alternate link with lower prices). Sometimes we are even asked, how can we find a replica brand on AliExpress (not everyone can afford a genuine Armani watch or may think a t-shirt is not worth $200, no matter what the logo). Although our site is mainly related to gadgets, on this page we’ve also tried to cover other non techy brands that people love as well. If we’ve missed anything, tell us and we’ll be happy to modify our list 🙂 We have made a table for you guys below (which you can sort, or search within the […]

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