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Top Seven Netflix Shows of 2016

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4 Credit Card Tricks You Need to Know Before You Shop

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Friday, 16 December 2016

How to get a gadget when you have limited budget

Online retailers offer a plethora of gadgets that will suit your every need. Whether you are searching for a great birthday gift, Christmas present, or something for yourself, you can find cool and unique items that will have everyone talking. Worried about the cost? No problem. You don"t have to break the bank to own the gadgets you love. There are many that aren"t very expensive, to begin with. If you perform some research, you can find coupons and promo codes to lower the price even more.

Even with a limited budget, you can find gadgets that are made of great quality. People sometimes assume when an item doesn"t cost much money, the quality will be inferior. That"s not always the case. You don"t have to worry about your gadget breaking within the first week of purchase.

There is no need to settle for less than stellar products just to save a few dollars. Retailers such as Samsung Electronics and TigerDirect offer coupons and promo codes which decreases the cost while ensuring the best quality products.

Take time to conduct research online. Read testimonials and reviews of the products. Compare products. This will aid you in finding the perfect gadget made of the highest quality.

Now that you know your limited budget won"t hinder you from purchasing some cool gadgets, you may be wondering what new gadgets you can buy. There are many gadgets that will make your day a little bit easier.

Streaming Devices
• Allows you to find and watch your favorite shows on demand.
• You can get rid of cable or satellite television and save money.
• Provides an array of movies, music, and television shows to keep you entertained for hours on end.
• Extremely clear pictures and HD compatible.

woman-girl-remote-watchingUniversal Remote
• Control all your electronic devices with one remote.
• Keeps you from having to store and search for multiple remotes.
• Saves you money because you won"t have to constantly purchase batteries.
• Makes it easy to search for content.

Bluetooth Headphones.
• Great mobility since there are no cords.
• Large Range.
• Easy to setup and use.
• Can use with multiple devices.

wireless keyboard and mouse

Portable and Wireless Computer Keyboard
• Easy to move the keyboard around to allow for maximum comfort.
• Never have to worry about cords getting tangled up or in the way.
• You don"t have to use up a USB port, allowing you to save that space for another device.
• Can be used for multiple types of computers, laptops, gaming devices, etc.

These are just a few of the many gadgets that are available. Whatever your interest are, there are some cool gadgets that will keep you entertained. Searching online can yield some great results in finding the perfect gadget you will enjoy for years to come.

Never let your limited budget stop you from purchasing the gadgets you want to own. The online marketplace offers a number of ways to save money on items every day. :)

MacXDVD Software and two partner companies are giving away 4 top-notch Mac software!


Got an offer from MacXDVD that we decided to share with ALL out readers! Here it is:

It’s time to say hello to the Christmas! And this year, Santa Claus from MacXDVD Software and another two partner companies are gonna to make it a exciting “Techxmas” by giving away 4 top-notch Mac software (values $170)!

Giveaway page: 

Campaign duration: Valid until Jan. 5, 2017

Freebies quantity: Unlimited free copies

Giveaway products:

  • MacX MediaTrans: Safe & reliable tool to backup/transfer/manage iPhone iPad Content
  • MacX iPhone DVD Ripper: Best way to convert Xmas DVD movies for playable on iPhone iPad
  • DoYourData Super EraserPowerful Mac data erasure software to erase data and wipe disks
  • Mac Backup Guru: The easiest to use bootable mac backup software for OS X

Let’s cheer for the Christmas and share the happiness. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

11 gifts for the amateur mixologist

Drink up me hearties, yo ho

Gift Guides

Your chances of getting a cheap, top-notch cocktail this holiday just skyrocketed.

For the cocktail enthusiasts and amateur mixologists in your life, consider one of these gift ideas.

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This is what happens inside a battery right before it explodes

inside a lithium ion battery

Overcharged batteries turn into deformed jellyrolls

A new paper helps to explain how these popular power sources can turn into safety hazards.

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The 100 Greatest Innovations Of 2016


Secret Santas, take note

Each year, Popular Science picks the 100 greatest new innovations in science and technology to feature in our Best Of What's New issue.

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Big Christmas Giveaway of EaseUS

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Monday, 5 December 2016

Even Chip and Pin Cards (EMV Credit Card) Aren’t Safe


Imagine that you’re in the mall for those last minute Christmas gifts. There are people all around you, bumping into you and hustling around trying to get that last r.c. car. You get your hands on the last R.C. car, and then when you go to pay with your EMV Credit Card, it get’s declined? Wait what? You just payed your credit card balance to 0, how did this happen?

Well you may just have been hacked. 25 billion dollars a year are lost this way by just Americans.  In the United States we have been switching over to the EMV credit cards. Shouldn’t that make using these cards safer? Although these chip and pin cards, also called EMV’s, are safer than your regular magnetic stripe credit card, they are not foolproof.


Let’s learn about how these cards work to see why. The EMV credit card was used as a standard in Europe for quite a long time now. In the United States, the chip and pin system is only just starting to be seen. Before the EMV system, we had a plain magnetic stripe and signature. In fact, many of us still have this type of credit card.

RFID chip safety issues

With the magnetic strip card, someone with an RFID reader, or maybe a skimmer on an ATM machine or credit card reader could essentially take your information extremely easily. The RFID reader can take your information just by walking near you. A skimmer is just a device they place on ATM cards to read your card number and steal.

So to prevent skimming, they decided to use the EMV credit card card. This system makes it hard to skimmers to get a card, since they have to figure out the pin. Now this sounds great in theory, but not so fast. In the United states, we don’t have to actually put a pin in for most credit card readers. This means that if they just ask for a signature, this will actually have zero effect against skimmers. I know, I know, then how in the world do you stay safe!

Here are a couple of ways to defend yourself against these situations:

#1: The very first step is to stick to credit cards, and rely less on debit cards. The reason is simple. If your credit card gets hacked and used, you can complain to the credit card company and they will take care of it. On the other hand, if a debit card is stolen and used, all the money in that related checking account can be taken, and it’s harder to get a claim to get that money back. My rule is simple, never have more money in a checking account connected to a debit card than you can afford to lose!

#2: Get an RFID blocker. Although these only protect against rfid readers, and skimmers can still get your info, at least that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about.

*pro tip* If appearance doesn’t bother you, a card wrapped in aluminum foil does the trick just as well as most RFID blockers.

As long as you follow these safety rules, you can minimize and type of credit card information being stolen!

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